100% of the cryptocurrency mined goes to get people out on bail. In an effort to make this as transparent as possible, we will manually update this page every time we cut a check with details about the transactions.

Check 1 - December 25, 2017

sent .1 xmr as a test to payment id: 3ac18d8e5cad4db7aea731cb89a0561247e7e62e3e0341aa95bf2837a0cda2f3 base addr: 463tWEBn5XZJSxLU6uLQnQ2iY9xuNcDbjLSjkn3XAXHCbLrTTErJrBWYgHJQyrCwkNgYvyV3z8zctJLPCZy24jvb3NiTcTJ at 11:42am, Monday December 18

successfully received by Bittrex. .1 xmr exchanged for 0.00191158 BTC at 12/18/2017 12:45:43 PM. sent 9.35 to same address at 12:55pm, Monday December 18. successfully received by Bittrex. 9.35 xmr exchanged for 0.17978171 BTC at 12/18/2017 01:21:02 PM. sent .01 BTC to 12qmt1nxbXkJBW3Tacq34L3qGC3kZXtdV4 as a test (.009 after fee). sent 0.17169329 BTC to 1Maz7SshTsBMLcUcrX63orZpeqpk8JApM6

link to Bronx Freedom Fund tweet

Check 2 - November 15, 2018

20XMR to 2,441.56USD

More detail on this transaction