NOTE: We stand with protestors in this moment of crisis. YES Bail Bloc is still working, YES you can still contribute by running the software, NO this site is not properly up to date and I will work to correct that soon. I'm working on it as fast as I can, when I'm not with you on the streets. -Grayson (June 2, 2020)

100% of the cryptocurrency mined goes to free people from pre-trial detention. In an effort to make this as transparent as possible, we will manually update this page every time we cut a check with details about the transactions.

Check 1 - December 25, 2017

sent .1 xmr as a test to payment id: 3ac18d8e5cad4db7aea731cb89a0561247e7e62e3e0341aa95bf2837a0cda2f3 base addr: 463tWEBn5XZJSxLU6uLQnQ2iY9xuNcDbjLSjkn3XAXHCbLrTTErJrBWYgHJQyrCwkNgYvyV3z8zctJLPCZy24jvb3NiTcTJ at 11:42am, Monday December 18

successfully received by Bittrex. .1 xmr exchanged for 0.00191158 BTC at 12/18/2017 12:45:43 PM. sent 9.35 to same address at 12:55pm, Monday December 18. successfully received by Bittrex. 9.35 xmr exchanged for 0.17978171 BTC at 12/18/2017 01:21:02 PM. sent .01 BTC to 12qmt1nxbXkJBW3Tacq34L3qGC3kZXtdV4 as a test (.009 after fee). sent 0.17169329 BTC to 1Maz7SshTsBMLcUcrX63orZpeqpk8JApM6

link to Bronx Freedom Fund tweet

Check 2 - November 15, 2018

20XMR to 2,441.56USD

Check 3 - June 12, 2020

40.88XMR to 3225USD

The New Inquiry donated part of the check cut to the Immigrant Bail Fund

More detail on these transactions