BAIL BLOC is a cryptocurrency scheme against bail

Bail bloc is a crypto-currency scheme against bail

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for advanced users with mining rigs or gaming PCs, click here

Please read our Privacy Policy before downloading. Bail Bloc does not collect any personally identifying information on its users besides your IP address, which is temporarily stored to prevent abuse.

Bail Bloc may be misidentified as malware by your antivirus software. You may need to temporarily disable your antivirus software.

The app is completely safe, private and legal and allows you to keep working as normal.

If you still have concerns or questions, view our open-source code or email us at [email protected].


I installed it and it's going grey/de-activating automatically

Bail Bloc is designed to turn itself off if you are only using battery power and are below 50%. You can change this inside of Settings.

Unlike Bitcoin and other popular crypto coins, which require a great deal of energy to mine, Monero is ASIC-resistant, which means that it requires a comparatively negligible amount of energy, and is therefore cost efficient.

I don't see the $ amount raised going up

Sparing the details, the mining pool that we are a part of tends to hit Monero block rewards approximately every 48 hours. Sometimes it's more, sometimes it's less, but you should see the $ raised go up every two days or so.

How much of my CPU will this require?

By default Bail Bloc uses 10% of your CPU, which should make it unnoticeable for most users. This setting is labeled as "Low Impact" on the Settings dropdown menu. You can also optionally increase the CPU impact to 25% (Medium) and 50% (High)

Is there a way to compile and run this from the command line?

There is. Check out our GitHub repository.

How do I uninstall it?

On macOS: Bailbloc is running in your menu bar, at the top of your screen. Find the icon, click it, and hit Quit. Then drag the app from your Applications folder into the Recycling bin.

On Windows: Bailbloc is running in your system tray, at the bottom right of your screen. Find the icon, right click it, and hit Quit. Then go to Add/Remove programs from the start menu as usual.

Install instructions for macOS

Once you download the installation file, double click it and you should see something like this:

Make sure you've placed the app in the Applications folder, then double click it.

Congrats! You're part of the team.

You can monitor your contribution and change settings from the menu bar.

Settings menu:

Stats page: